April 27, 2011

finally, we have a birth certificate

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We finally have a birth certificate!  Hopefully this whole thing will just go away now.  This was a pretty smart move by Team Obama: since the issue has been laid to rest, it won’t be an issue in the 2012 election, nobody will be able to attack Obama on that front, and there will be one less insufferable talking point to suffer through.

But there could be a much more strategic move at play here.  Could this be an effort by Team Obama to strengthen Team Trump, since Trump would be an easier foe to vanquish than Mitt Rominy or Tim Pawlenty?  Trump is already strutting his stuff.  He’s the guy who forced Obama’s hand!  He’s our hero!  But Obama knows (and I think we all know) that a Trump candidacy would be a joke.  When it comes down to the wire, who among us is going to vote for Trump over Obama?  Trump is like Ross Perot and Ron Paul – has some great ideas, but nobody will vote for him.

On the other hand, why can’t we force all candidates to show us their birth certificates?  Seriously.  The US Constitution makes two demands on any candidate for President: he must be 35 years of age, and he must be a natural-born citizen. See Article II, Section 1.  Why, in the past 222 years, has no one ever thought to check up on these candidates?  It is completely reasonable to have the Federal Election Commission certify each candidate for president.  The FEC can attest to the candidate’s age, and to his having been born in this country.  Then we would never have to go through this again.

Is there any chance this birth certificate could be a fake?