April 25, 2012

men and women

Posted in gender differences, human nature tagged , at 8:54 pm by weiszguy

We need men and women.

Not just in a biological sense. And not just in an inclusive, feel-good, be-at-one-with-humanity sense, either.

The reason we need men and women is because men and women are different. The two sexes have opposite and often complementary strengths and weaknesses. A world where women have no say would have too much of certain characteristics, and not enough of other, necessary, characteristics. The same is true of a world ruled by women.

Here’s what we don’t need. We don’t need men to be more like women. And we don’t need women to be more like men. We need men to be men. And we need women to be women. To tell a man to let his feminine side show is to remove from him the thing that society needs from him. To tell a woman to work on her masculine side is to remove from  her the thing that society needs from her.

That is all.