February 17, 2011

dumb lies

Posted in human nature tagged at 6:25 pm by weiszguy

Once I went to Caracas, Venezuela with my youth group. While there I took a dare – and lost. The price for losing was shaving a patch of hair off my leg, in the middle of my thigh. Kind of embarrassing, but I enjoyed the attention.

I week later (back home) I was getting a physical. I checked out fine, but the doctor asked about the missing hair. I told him I just got back from Venezuela, where I was climbing a tree and scraped my leg.

The patch of missing hair was about 2 inches square, the skin was smooth, and there were no scratches or scrapes. There’s no way that doctor believed me.

To this day I don’t know why I made up that story. Was I embarrassed to have lost a dare? And why did I make up such a dumb story?

I wish I could go find that doctor and tell him, “Naw, I was just kidding!”