January 6, 2011

leg cramp

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Summer mornings in Kentucky are cold.  However hot it might get during the day, you’re going to want a little something to keep you warm in the early hours.

The swimming pool at E. P. Tom Sawyer State Park stayed busy all day during the summer, so the swim team had to practice at 6 am.  They would have started earlier if the sun had allowed.

With the seeds still in my eyes, I dove in to begin the warm-up laps.  But this particular morning, my leg objected.  The muscle cramp absolutely forbid that I should swim one stroke more.

The coach made me get out of the water and lay on a deck chair, while two of the female staff massaged my leg.  In all the years since that day, I have never had a better work out.

I was reminded of this story by a leg cramp at 4:45 this morning.