January 8, 2011

decapitated christmas tree

Posted in stuff I think about tagged at 9:56 pm by weiszguy

We decided this would be the last year for our Christmas tree.  We’ve had it for several years, and my parents had it for several years before that.

It’s supposed to be a pre-lit tree, but when we set it up this year, several of the bulbs were out.  I tried all the usual troubleshooting options, of course, but the tree didn’t respond favorably.

I’m sitting beside it now.  We took the top third of the tree and threw it in the trash.  (Throwing it out little by little over a month means we don’t have to pay extra for trash hauling.)  Of the remaining two-thirds, a couple entire strings of lights are out.  It’s a sad, helpless tree.

But… we get to have a new tree next year.  We’ll probably get a real tree for a change, or maybe even a live tree that we can plant in the yard when the season is over.