March 15, 2017


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Life: the slow process of realizing your parents were right about most things.


April 25, 2012

men and women

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We need men and women.

Not just in a biological sense. And not just in an inclusive, feel-good, be-at-one-with-humanity sense, either.

The reason we need men and women is because men and women are different. The two sexes have opposite and often complementary strengths and weaknesses. A world where women have no say would have too much of certain characteristics, and not enough of other, necessary, characteristics. The same is true of a world ruled by women.

Here’s what we don’t need. We don’t need men to be more like women. And we don’t need women to be more like men. We need men to be men. And we need women to be women. To tell a man to let his feminine side show is to remove from him the thing that society needs from him. To tell a woman to work on her masculine side is to remove from  her the thing that society needs from her.

That is all.

February 17, 2011

dumb lies

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Once I went to Caracas, Venezuela with my youth group. While there I took a dare – and lost. The price for losing was shaving a patch of hair off my leg, in the middle of my thigh. Kind of embarrassing, but I enjoyed the attention.

I week later (back home) I was getting a physical. I checked out fine, but the doctor asked about the missing hair. I told him I just got back from Venezuela, where I was climbing a tree and scraped my leg.

The patch of missing hair was about 2 inches square, the skin was smooth, and there were no scratches or scrapes. There’s no way that doctor believed me.

To this day I don’t know why I made up that story. Was I embarrassed to have lost a dare? And why did I make up such a dumb story?

I wish I could go find that doctor and tell him, “Naw, I was just kidding!”

January 11, 2011

go ahead – gloat

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The natural human instinct is to gloat.

You win a game of foosball, you gloat over your opponent. You get beat, you expect the winner to gloat.

You find a duffel bag with $1 million in small, unmarked bills, you can’t keep it to yourself. You buy things. You treat your friends. You take your closest friend, in strictest confidence, to the back closet where you stashed the loot – just to show it off.

You get a big promotion, you sell a manuscript, your son scores the winning touchdown. You gloat.

It’s also the reason there are so many movies and books where the bad guy has the good guy at gunpoint and says, “Since you’re going to die anyway, I might as well tell you everything…” And then he ties up all the loose ends in the story. The bad guy needs to good guy to understand exactly why he is going to lose, exactly why the bad guy is so brilliant.

Try it sometime. Next time you run into incredible good luck, or achieve some big accomplishment, try not to tell anyone. Try to keep it to yourself.