February 21, 2011

new tab in Google Spreadsheet

Posted in office tagged , at 7:23 am by weiszguy

I have a couple Google Spreadsheets that I use to track annual items. Every year, I add a new tab, and I keep the old tabs around for reference.

I have these spreadsheets bookmarked in my browser so I can get to them quickly without going through the docs list on Google Docs. The bookmarks are great, but after I added a new tab for 2011, the spreadsheet would still open in the old 2010 tab.

I discovered that the spreadsheet would open on the old tab if I used the bookmark, but it would open on the new tab if I used the docs list. The difference had to be the text of the URL, right?


Here’s the text of the URL from my bookmark:


and here’s the text of the URL from my docs list:


The ‘gid’ number at the end of the URL is a tab number. In this case, the spreadsheet will open on tab number 6, instead of tab number 5. I can open any tab in the spreadsheet just by changing that last digit.

If you’re having a similar problem, the solution is to delete your bookmark, open the spreadsheet from the docs list, then add a new bookmark.


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