January 3, 2011

lost drain plug

Posted in philosophy, theology tagged , at 6:47 am by weiszguy

We lost the drain plug for the kitchen sink today. Without it we can’t do the dishes.  While this was a matter for some joy in certain quarters of our house, I’m sorta bummed by the festering mess on the counter.

Can I learn something from this?  Where’s the life application?

Each plate is a life. The gunk on the plate is the gunk we each carry around with us. The water is our best effort to remove our gunk. But after the water has done its work, the gunk is in the water. It’s still hanging around. The drain plug is the only thing holding the gunk from going where it needs to go. Can the plate remove the plug?  Can the water?  Of course not, we need someone to pull the plug for us.

You could do better?  Take your best shot.



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