January 2, 2011

fathers deserve more credit than they get

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Fathers deserve more credit than they get.

Fathers are usually raked over the coals for not being better fathers. Fathers are no good at being involved in their children’s lives, no good at probing for deeply held feelings, no good at comforting broken hearts. Fathers are no good at dishes, laundry, and shuttling kids to soccer practice.  In short, fathers are not very good mothers.

Nobody ever mentions the paychecks, or bailing out the basement during a flood, of forbidding the wearing of mini-skirts by daughters. If fact, people usually look down on fathers for being workaholics  and for preventing their offspring from having any fun. Nobody considers that most fathers, at one point in their lives, were 17-year old boys.

Don’t make a father be a mother. Don’t make a father be a teenager. Let a father be a man.


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  1. Team Oyeniyi said,

    On your “About page” you do say “feel free to leave comments or link to specific posts from your own site.” so while I rarely do that, I’ll accept your invitation. My husband is a man who is a wonderful father and I cry every time I think of him being so cruelly seperated from his children by bureaucracy. So here is a link! http://teamoyeniyi.wordpress.com

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