December 31, 2010

3 countries I’d like to visit

Posted in travel tagged , , at 6:06 pm by weiszguy

There are three countries I’d like to visit.


For some reason I can’t explain, I’ve gotten into 19th century French literature. Specifically, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Les Miserables. Isn’t that weird? Either of these books, by themselves, could anchor an aircraft carrier. I want to go to France and see all the places these books talk about, including the angles of Fort Saint Nicolas in Marseilles, that Edmond and Mercedes disappeared around. I was in France once, in college. I am sorry I didn’t take better advantage of the experience.


The place just breathes culture and class. I guess I’m hoping if I go there I’ll find some. Watch the Godfather movies and tell me you wouldn’t like to have a close-knit family like that? I was in Italy once, too. I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to meet up with any mobsters.


Man. Vast, white, frozen expanses of land. What’s not to love? I want to see penguins. I want to trace Shackleton’s voyage. I want to see the south pole. I want to join the 200 club, where you sit in a 100º sauna, then go outside and run around the actual south pole at -100º, for a total temperature differential of 200º. I need to wear that badge of honor.

Name three countries you’d like to visit.


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