February 11, 2010

some annoying keyboard shortcuts

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I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts.  Keeping my hands on the keyboard and off the mouse is what I’m all about.  But there have been a couple lately that really annoy me.

In Google Reader, “j” means next item.  I get really used to “j”-ing through my feeds.  But in Thunderbird, “j” means junk.  I hit “j” and my email disappears!

In Gmail, “a” means reply all.  In Thunderbird, “a” means archive.  Again, my email disappears.

In Firefox, “Ctrl-T” opens a new tab.  In Notepad++, “Ctrl-N” gives you a new tab.  In Firefox, “Ctrl-N” opens a new window.  I always have to pause for minute and think about which application I’m in.

In Firefox and Chrome, “Ctrl-L” places the cursor in the address bar.  In IE6, which I’m required to use at work, “Ctrl-L” opens an Open dialog.  Really? Who opens a browser, and then wants to open a file from in there?  In IE6, it’s the “F6” key to get to the address bar.

I wonder if it would be too much to ask to create an International Keyboard Shortcut Compliance body?


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  1. Netzer said,

    Sure… and cause more global warming with having to call Al Gore (the guy that invented the internet) and all the other private jets – not to mention Nancy Pelosi’s Air Farce 3…

    Naw… sometimes inefficiencies are to be cherished. Besides how many of us bother to figure out all those shortcuts when we can use a MOUSE?

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