May 25, 2009

star trek

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I saw Star Trek this weekend with my son.  As a mild Trekkie, I have to say it rocked.  It had suspense, action, humor, lots of explosions (which made my son happy), and lots of the human element (which made me happy).  The opening scene had me in tears, because of the sacrifice and heroism depicted.  And just a few scenes later is the classic man-up-and-take-responsibility-for-your-destiny challenge, but still made my heart swell.  It made me want to go bust some Romulan heads.

Karl Urban completely nailed Bones.  Zachary Quinto was a better Spock than Leonard Nimoy.  And Chris Pine’s Kirk is exactly how I imagined Kirk at that age.

Of course, there were a few timeline flaws.  We know from all the other Star Trek shows and movies that Romulus and Vulcan still exist, so their annihilation here is a little problematic.  But as long as you don’t stick too closely to the Star Trek mythology, this is a kick-butt movie.


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  1. uberfangirl said,

    i don’t want to pick on you, because i love that you loved it (how could anyone not?!) but the timeline flaws are not actually flaws, rather the timeline – and the trek universe as we know it – are fundamentally changed by the events in this film. nero and spock going back in time have altered forever the course of history to come, meaning all the stuff that happens through the original series, tng, ds9, voyager, and alllllll the movies no longer exists or ever happens.

    good thing they got it all on film the first time around!

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