May 17, 2009

good friends

Posted in debt, giving, money tagged at 8:08 am by weiszguy

We had some trouble paying the mortgage this month.  No, really.  I don’t mean that we didn’t have the money, I mean that the mortgage company rejected electronic payments from my bank — three times!  The first time I tried to pay was well before May 1st.  The second time I tried to pay was on May 1st.  The third time I tried to pay was at the beginning of this week, but still in time to arrive at the mortgage company before the May 16th deadline.  And all three times the payment was rejected.

To make a long story short, the payments were being rejected because my mortgage is going through the modification process.  And while that’s happening, all mortgage payments must be in certified funds.  For some reason, electronic money knocking on your electronic door isn’t good enough.

I guess this story isn’t getting much shorter.

My bank is an online only bank (INGDirect).  Normally that’s not a problem.  But this time it was a problem because I couldn’t get a cashiers check and send it to the mortgage company in time for the late payment deadline.

So, I called a friend and asked him for enough money to make my mortgage payment.  I would deposit his check in my local bank, which would write me a cashiers check for the amount, which I could overnight to the mortgage company, and then write my friend a normal check from my online bank to pay him back.

My point is, isn’t that a great friend?  How many people do you know who would loan that much money on just your promise that you could pay it back?

I wound up paying the mortgage company with a check-by-phone, which they previously told me couldn’t be done.  So I didn’t need my friend’s check.  But man, I’ll do anything for him and his family now.  Thanks guys!


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