February 9, 2009

what is it with Sundays?

Posted in parenting, pets tagged at 1:53 pm by weiszguy

Yesterday, Sunday, we were sledding down by the lake.  My eight year old son ran into a tree, head first.  He was going full speed, hit the tree with his head, and he and the sled recoiled a good two feet or so.  He was able to wiggle his fingers and toes when we asked him to, but he didn’t move of his own will, he just laid there.  To make a long story short, we took him to the ER, they did x-rays and CT scans, but found nothing wrong with him.  Whew!  There’s nothing scarier to a parent.

The Sunday before last we were having a Super Bowl party at our house.  It was a great game.  A friend of mine was driving home afterward and got pulled over, ostensibly for not stopping at a stop sign.  He was discovered to be driving with a suspended license, and now he has some ‘splaining to do before a judge.  And no, he wasn’t drinking.  There is never any alcohol at my parties.

The Sunday before that, as I’ve already explained, was a bad day for my dog.

So the last three Sunday’s have been less than ideal.  Mr. Suspended License and I decided to see if we can continue the streak.  We’re going to take next Sunday off and just drive around until something happens.


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