January 23, 2009

now or later

Posted in abortion, money tagged at 9:51 am by weiszguy

President Obama will reverse an order to ban federal funds for foreign groups that provide abortion. Or, to put it positively, Obama will allow federal money to go to foreign groups that provide abortion.

If we put aside for a moment the sanctity of human life, the soul of the aborted baby, and the right to a physical life here on earth that no government can either bestow or revoke, I think this makes a lot of sense.

It’s an Us vs. Them world.  Obama is the leader of Us, and so it’s in his, and our, best interest to limit the number of future combatants that are being born.  The more of Them we can get rid of now, the fewer the foreign problems 20 years down the road.  In software development, the cost to fix a late stage bug is many, many times more than the cost to fix a bug discovered early in the process.  Similarly, this executive order seems an exceptional, frugal, and efficient use of funds.



  1. Angela said,

    I see this not only as a brilliant military maneuver, he is also working on our financial burdens! Even if these babies grew up to be non-militant, we would have to feed them! Help them treat their diseases! And “those” people really aren’t productive, maybe the gov’t is on the right track! Let’s just dispose of all the non-productive possible people- then there’ll be more for me! Until , of course, I cease to be productive as deemed by…….uh, who is it that has the qualifications to deem who is “productive” or worthy of life? I thought that was “above {Mr. Obama’s} pay grade”, or is office of the President now the qualified authority on who has the right to live??

    Dear, you’re rubbing off on me!

  2. […] was inspired by a post on my friend Brian’s blog The Great WeiszGuy.  While I don’t usually write about contentious subjects, I wanted to air my thoughts on […]

  3. Will said,

    Well, for better or worse you inspired me to spill my guts:

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