January 21, 2009

Fred Thompson dressed in sarcasm

Posted in credit cards, debt, money, spending tagged , , at 10:39 am by weiszguy

Here is Fred Thompson explaining how the bailout works.

It’s a little bit dated (he mentions the holiday season, and the “President-elect”) but I absolutely love the sarcasm.  I laughed all the way through it.  Best eight minutes of my day.


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  1. Bob Nelson said,

    The just viewed the Fred Thompson satire on how to borrow ourselves into prosperity. I think he should be nominated for some type of Mark Twain Award. Unfortunately, we have become such a poorly educated nation that 19th century-type satire and humor are totally beyond our comprehension. Unfortunately, I can not conceive of our type of democracy continuing when individuals who do irresponsible and/or criminal activities can pass the the consequences collectively to the taxpayers as is being done by increasing numbers. To me individual freedom and rights means individual consequences, obligations and duties, but then I grew up in pre-WWII America.

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