January 20, 2009


Posted in addiction, parenting, spending, weird tagged at 7:45 pm by weiszguy

I hate McDonald’s.  I like McDonald’s.  I hate myself for liking McDonald’s.

McDonald’s food is bested by just about every fast food joint out there.  You name it, they have better food than McDonald’s.  Plus, the food is bad for your body.  And the expense is bad for your wallet.  Yet, every time I drive by one, I think, “Ooh, there’s a McDonald’s.  Maybe I should just grab Big Mac.”

Why do I do this?  Is it because they put addictive drugs in their food?  Is it because my mother ate too many Big Macs while I was in the womb?  Is it because they have a team of crack marketers who are actually really, really good at what they do?  Whatever the reason, I hope it isn’t my fault.


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