November 10, 2008

euphemisms for excretion

Posted in stuff I think about tagged at 8:01 pm by weiszguy

Because it’s funny, that’s why.

  • pay a bill
  • see a man about a horse
  • pinch a loaf
  • cast a ballot
  • take a load off
  • take a crap [Ed. wouldn’t you rather leave one?]
  • lay an egg
  • take a dump
  • push beyond the great divide
  • complete the digestive cycle

Share your own…



  1. Vickie said,

    My fave is “dropping the kids off at the pool”. Never really understood why people would use that one.

  2. Chris said,

    Take the Browns to the SuperBowl.

  3. weiszguy said,

    Take care of a pressing matter.

  4. Will said,

    “Lay some cable” is one I’ve heard.

    I’d love to make one that is a reference to the firework you like that snakes and coils outward, but just can’t figure it out.

  5. Tim said,

    “Drop trou and squeeze out a Cleveland Steamer”

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