September 17, 2008

on flip flops

Posted in politics tagged at 6:34 pm by weiszguy

As they do periodically, flip flops have come up again in this election.

I am both for and against flip flops.  On one hand it’s nice to have a guy who will stick to what he knows is right even in the face of intense opposition.  On the other hand it’s kind of arrogant for a candidate to assume his opinions are always correct, even when confronted with new evidence to the contrary.

So, if a candidate can explain why he believed one way at first, and why he has changed his mind now, I won’t be mad at him for “flip-flopping”.  But I will be upset at a guy who changes his mind to win an election.


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  1. Stephanie said,

    I second your opinion. And I used to have those very same flip-flops.

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