September 16, 2008

dogs vs. kids

Posted in pets tagged at 6:30 pm by weiszguy

We have a little dog, as you may have heard.  He does this little, low growl in the back of his throat whenever he doesn’t want to be petted.  He’ll be laying on the couch, for example, and one of the kids will come up and start petting him, and he’ll give this growl.  If the kid doesn’t back off, he’ll growl a little louder.

Until recently we always told the kids to step away, the dog didn’t want to be petted.  But today I thought, “wait a minute!  The kids are more important than the dog.”  The dog needs to know his place, and that place is below the kids.  Granted, the kids can’t abuse him, pull his tail, take food away while he’s eating it, etc.  But he also is not allowed to have free reign over the couch.  He doesn’t get to shoo kids away on a whim.

Today the dog snapped at my 7 year old son.  There were no adults around, so we don’t know exactly what happened.  We think our son startled the dog.  Yesterday I would have scolded my son for upsetting the dog.  Today I took the dog to his crate and locked him up for a while.  My son still got a lecture (not a scolding) on acting wisely around dogs, but the dog hopefully learned a lesson too.  He has to control himself, not his environment.


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