July 29, 2008

vonage rocks

Posted in communication, money, technology tagged , at 8:33 pm by weiszguy

A while back we dropped our traditional land line and signed up with Vonage.  http://www.vonage.com  We got a phone number in our area code, but it was a long distance call for our neighbors.  They didn’t like that.

Today I called Vonage to see about getting a new number, one that would be a local call for our neighbors.  I talked to two customer service reps, and both of them were extremely courteous and helpful.  At no point in the call did I hear, “Why didn’t you think of that when you first signed up?”  (And honestly, that would have been my first question if I was them.)  Also, they waived the Change Number Fee, without me even asking them to do it.

When is the last time you spoke with a courteous CSR who voluntarily waived a fee?  Good job, Vonage.  Keep up the good work.


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