June 5, 2008

star wars inconsistencies

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I was thinking about Star Wars.  There are a number of inconsistencies in the plot line.  The one that bugs me the most is this:

In Episode IV, Ben tells Luke “Darth Vader… betrayed and murdered your father.”

In Episode VI, Ben tells Luke his father BECAME Darth Vader, and then justifies his lie unconvincingly with, “what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.”

I’m really sorry, Ben, but what you told Luke was most decidedly NOT true.  There is a huge difference between murder and switching religions, and point of view has absolutely nothing to do with it.

If I was Luke, I’d probably begin to wonder how good the force can really be if it allows a mentor to blantantly lie, and then just shrug it off like it was no big deal.



  1. Tim said,

    I think it could be that you are over reacting a little. Ben lied to Luke because Luke was not yet ready for the truth. Being a mentor doesn’t mean you have to be completely open with your pupils, it mens you have to protect and train them.

  2. trystero2008 said,

    My take…when Anakin fully embraced the dark side, the individual of Anakin Skywalker was consumed and reborn as Darth Vader. So its a little over-statement to say that Darth Vader murdered his Father…more appropriately to say that the Dark Side mudered his Father. But hey, its only a movie……

  3. Travis Chaney said,

    When I saw this I could not pass up the chance to actually discuss something about star wars other than “Who is cooler – Darth Maul or Darth Vader.

    Here is the thing and where most people get confused. The Sith “Religeon” is not the anti-Jedi “Religion”. Vader, Maul, Dooku, Anakin, Ben – they were all Jedi. They all served the “Force” and that was there Religion. I will try to make this short regarding the history of the Sith.

    When the Dark Jedi’s tried to overcome the Light Jedi’s centuries before Episode 1, the few remaining Dark Jedi landed on Dathomir and joined a group of Force-sensitive primitives that were known as Sith WItches. They were people who had the ability to use the force but did not know about the Jedi ways. THey viewed the force as a mystical connection to nature and used its power to conquer as they viewed power as the pinnacle of everything. This fit into the Dark Jedi view that there was no true Dark or Light side, rather ther was only the end result. A true case of the ends justify the means. So the two cultures merged and from that emerged the “Rule of 2” which the Dark Jedi embraced from then on. The title of Darth came from the merging of the two cultures. Prior to this, Dark Jedi did not change their names they just used the force differently. With the incorporation of the Sith religion, the taking of the “Darth” name was viewed as a baptism or re-birth of the individual. THe transcendance of the person from just a being or Jedi to that of a superiror Sith. This is the key you are missing.

    Ok – so that wasn’t very short but for those who know the lengthy cannon it was actually a short summary. So then the point you made is that what Ben told Luke is not “True – from a certain point of view” but rather a flat out lie. What Tim said is true – Luke was not ready to hear the truth. Similar in other stories, most recently the Matrix series, the point is made the finding your path and being told your path are two very differnt things. Neo was told what he needed to know in order to find his path. If the oracle in fact had told him he was the one, would the story have ended differently? Would he have accepted the truth? Probably not. Just like this, Luke needed to arrive at the information himself even though Vader told him this before he was ready.

    With all of that said – Ben was true, from a certain point of view. When Anakin took on the mantle of Darth Vader, Anakin “died” and Darth Vader was born unto the world. The concept of Darth Vader “betrayed” all that the Jedi – and therefore Anakin – believed and in doing so killed Anakin Skywalker. At this point in Luke’s journey it is much easier for him to accept that his father which he has recently learned is not the person his Aunt and Uncle have told him about all of his life was kiled rather than him being the ultimate evil in the universe. Just imagine thinking your father was a decent humble man that piloted a small cargo plane and died in an accident. Then one day an old man shows up and says – actually he was an incredible hero who was swayed to join the enemy and turned around and killed thousands of people including children..he single handedly brought the galaxy to its knees. How do you think that would go over inside your head? There are things that true teachers and mentors – as Tim so accutely pointed out – need to lead the pupil to rather than tell them.

    You can easily take this mentallity and review countless fairy tales and old stories and mythology and find identical occurances with the hero.

    I think the main lesson here is that unlike other movies, there is a tremendous background of knowledge and an incredible timeline of events that were laid out so that the story of Star Wars made sense. It isn’t just a fun movie – although it is. It is based on the concept of the Fairy Tale and therefore everything in the story has a reason and purpose. Even the likes of Jar Jar binks and Ewoks. Everything happens for a reason and is based on something.

    Thanks for writing this one – Denise only lets me talk in depth about Star Wars when she has trouble sleeping.

  4. Mark said,

    Well you are as blind as Vader himself. That is why sith get a new name – Hate consumes them. In this case, the “hate” was manifested within Darth Vader. That hate KILLED Anakin Skywalker. So Obi-Wan (whose real name is not “Ben”) WAS telling the truth, and you sir, obviously do not understand the Star Wars universe at all or how the Dark Side works within the force.

    Good day

  5. me said,

    and you call yourself the wiseguy?

    How would you like to know that your father was really Hitler.. especially if you were asked to assasinate him?

  6. weiszguy said,

    Wow, ‘me’

    Lots of other commenters think I’m crazy, but at least they were able to make a coherent point.

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