January 15, 2008

biting the hand that feeds you

Posted in education tagged , , at 5:32 am by weiszguy

Who in the public school system is teaching that government should be less involved in the lives of it’s citizens?  Which teacher is teaching that schools should be less well-funded and smaller?  What student is being taught that capitalism is a superior form of government than socialism?

These are all valid points of view, but you will not find them taught – or even mentioned – in public schools.  If you have any form of political, religious, or social views that are outside the current norm, you have no hope of having those views taught to your kids in public schools.

Schools receive their funding from the government.  You will not find opposing viewpoints taught there.  That would be like a Coca-Cola executive saying people should drink less Coke.  It doesn’t happen, it doesn’t make sense that it should happen, we should not expect it to ever happen.

All of which are good arguments for homeschooling.


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