December 13, 2007

a funny thing happened on the way to a rescue…

Posted in stuff I think about tagged , , at 8:04 pm by weiszguy

I got a call from a friend yesterday. His daughter was stuck in a ditch full of snow. He was a long way away, could I possibly get up there and help her out? Of course.

As I was driving up her road, I could see her car in the middle of the road, not in the ditch. She was standing there to explain she dug herself out and to thank me for at least trying to help. I started to pull away and went sideways right into the same ditch she just came out of.

The irony was not lost on me. Getting stuck in the snow while trying to help somebody else out is pretty funny. I have a van and she has a really tiny car so I knew she wouldn’t be able to pull me out.

I called a friend with a 4-wheel drive diesel dually, the only person I could think of who would be able to pull me out. He arrived and pulled in front of me to pull me out. But while I was bent over hooking up the rope, another car started coming down the road toward us. My friend with the truck tried to pull over – and went straight into the ditch in front of me.

How could this possibly get any worse? The oncoming car that my friend pulled over for was driven by a guy who – how shall I say it – would give Ebenezer Scrooge a run for his money. He just laughed at us! and kept on driving!

To make a long story short, my friend’s big truck got us both out of the ditch, and everybody’s fine. But what an ironic string of events. That’s the kind of comedy of errors they put in movies.


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