September 18, 2007

save money by cutting expenses!

Posted in budget, money, saving, spending at 10:37 am by weiszguy

Ordinarily, I really like the articles that go up on But check out this post from a guest blogger:

She makes the case that if you can cut back your spending slowly, you won’t even notice any pain. Which is a good point. But the details make the argument, and in this case, I think most of us would have a hard time relating. She talks about how she scaled down to the $100 jeans, and how she saves so much money by getting her morning coffee and muffin at 7-11 instead of Starbucks.

I’m all for a gradual shift into the frugal lifestyle, and I commend the author making the plunge. But having only begun her frugal journey, she doesn’t have much to offer the rest of us. Would you ask a freshman acting student for his thoughts on Richard Burton or Laurence Olivier? He might have an opinion, to be sure, but it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting, or as valuable, as an opinion from Cecil B. DeMille or Robert Altman. This is just an example by analogy, of course. The point is, if someone tells you to cut back your spending, and then offers up a personal example of cutting back to the $100 pair of jeans, how credible are they?



  1. josh said,

    Maybe not credible.
    But maybe very.

    Its relative.
    And encouraging.
    And a step. And she mentions that.

    Kind of like running. I tried that today. I sucked wind.
    And I walked. I was sorta embarrased.
    But I started. The tough part is finishing.

    Maybe we should encourage the finish and celebrate the start.

  2. dovelove said,

    LOL! She doesn’t have a clue. Paying $100 for jeans is an absurdity, as is this person writing such an article. Her morning muffin… lololol

    I could so write that article though :) And it would include suggestions like getting your jeans on eBay and thrift/consignment stores, as well as other clothes and such. Helloooo, it’s pieces of cloth that cover your bod, but if you want designer high-quality stuff (I do), you can still get them for a fraction of what they retail for. And then when you’re tired of them, sell them on eBay :) … And make your own friggin’ muffins — better yet, don’t eat muffins. Eat whole grains as nature intended…saves your health ($$$) too.

    Hmmm, I should go write this article :)


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