August 13, 2007


Posted in blogging, money at 4:06 am by weiszguy

My brother recently chastised me for not writing near enough on my blog.  I told him, “Back off, man!  I’m busy!”  But lately I have been thinking a lot about putting up some meaningful content on a daily basis.  I kinda sorta half-heartedly made a decision to write at least one post every morning, but in the back of my mind I have serious doubts about where I’m going to get the ideas for that many posts.  Then along comes this post over at the Simple Dollar, and suddenly I have renewed inspiration.  The Simple Dollar is a personal finance blog that I’ve been following for a while now, and I’ve got some great ideas from it – but this may be the best yet.  I’m going to get myself a set of Thinkertoys and try ’em out.


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