July 12, 2007

clarification on the crazy airline post

Posted in travel at 8:33 am by weiszguy

Recently I posted about an ExpressJet flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego.  That post was linked to by someone on an ExpressJet forum.  (Who knew there was an entire forum just for ExpressJet employees?)  I seem to have ticked off a couple people so I think I should clarify a few things.

The most important is this: I was trying to brag about what a great deal we travelers got from ExpressJet!  At the end of the day, we made out like bandits.  I guess I sounded angry in a couple of places.  It was supposed to be funny anger, in a Dave Barry sort of way.

As a seasoned traveler I have had many experiences much worse than this one.  In fact, they seem to happen with a certain regularity.  Ordinarily I don’t find such troubles amusing, but this time we were treated extraordinarily by the airline.  And you have to admit the particular string of bad luck that befell this flight is almost comical: the pilot goes home, the meal vouchers are useless, the XM Radio doesn’t work.  It’s as if the planets aligned in a once-in-a-million-year event to bring comic catastrophe on one particular flight.

So everybody repeat after me, “Relaaaaaaaax.  Take it eeeeeeaaaaasy.”


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