July 9, 2007

crazy airlines

Posted in travel at 5:00 pm by weiszguy

I had a wild ride to San Diego last night. It was a non-stop flight on ExpressJet airlines (www.xjet.com ) from Colorado Springs to San Diego, departing 6:00 PM Mountain, arriving 7:15 PM Pacific. When the plane that was supposed to take us to San Diego arrived at Colorado Springs, all the people got off, and the pilot went home. THE PILOT WENT HOME! Apparently he thought he was done for the day. So the airline scrambled to find us a new pilot, but ended up grabbing a pilot from a different airline. But the new pilot wouldn’t arrive in Colorado Springs until 7:40 Mountain, an hour and forty minutes after we were supposed to have left!

But they made it up to us. Everybody on that flight got a $100 travel voucher and a $10 meal voucher. We took our meal vouchers to the restaurants in the airport, but they were all closed! There are so few flights on Sunday evening out of Colorado Springs that most of the retailers close shop early. The only thing open was a coffee shop, so I used my voucher for a bottle of water, a bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino, and a lemon poppyseed muffin (it took the whole $10, too).

Finally we get on the plane, and the plane takes off about 8:30. One of the big attractions of ExpressJet is the free XM Radio in every seat. I plugged in my headphones, but no sound! The attendant comes on the loudspeaker and tells us the XM is broken on this plane! To make up for it, they gave us all free drinks. (I only had one bottle of wine, thinking it unwise to show up smashed when my co-workers meet me at the airport. Certain others of my my flying companions felt no such inhibitions.)

So I ask you, What is the meaning of this!?!?!?! Our flight arrived two hours late (TWO HOURS!) and all we got was $100, a bottle of water, a frappuccino, a muffin, and a bottle of wine.

UPDATE: I’ve posted more on this.



  1. Tim said,

    Unless you got fired for arriving late in SD, I think you came out all right!

  2. Rob said,

    Next time I think you should drive. If you don’t think $100 is fair compensation for being a whole TWO HOURS late, you have no business being on an airplane. What did you pay for that ticket in the first place, about $79?

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  4. UAL said,

    You have NO idea what you are talking about.

    “So the airline scrambled to find us a new pilot, but ended up grabbing a pilot from a different airline”

    This did not happen. This cannot happen. If you had ANY knowledge you would know that pilots are not able to be traded like baseball cards. They are hired by an airline and trained to fly only one type of aircraft and that is all they fly is that one type for the one airline. If they want to change the aircraft they fly its back to training for a new “type rating”.

    Now, you were given $100.00 and bought dinner. How much was the ticket you purchased? I am willing to bet that it was not more than $200.00. So what the airline did was give you a 100% refund for that flight segment. How is that not fair? I think that you were over compensated!

    After reading how bad this new airline is from your post I cant wait to fly them. I fly all the time and if this was the worst part of you experience than this airline sounds like one of the best out there.

    Thank you for being a complete baby, you have helped me to find a new airline to fly….


  5. Joe Mama said,

    Too bad the airline didn’t give you a voucher for buying yourself a clue. Judging from your grossly inaccurate information above either you didn’t understand what you were told or you just made it up yourself. Next time they make an announcement on an airplane, turn down the N’Sync playing on you Ipod and pay attention.

    So your flight was two hours late – big deal. Those of us who fly a lot know it happens sometimes. The difference is we take it in stride as opposed to wetting our pants and posting about it on a blog.

  6. The Other Rob said,

    judging by the comments above it looks like some people close the airline industry were rubbed the wrong way. For the rest of us who also travel alot and are used to sucky service and delayed flights as the norm understand your pain!

  7. Tim said,

    I think the humor in this post was lost on more than one person WeiszGuy!

    I believe everyone (including yourself)agrees that you got a pretty good deal out of this minor and very common misfortune.

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