May 21, 2007

I got yer tip right here

Posted in travel at 2:02 am by weiszguy

It was a typical day of travel.  Rescheduled flight, missing airplane crew, weather delay.  Finished a whole book before we even took off.  Yawn.  The usual.

But here’s something new.  The taxi I rode in from the airport to the hotel was pulled over by the state patrol!  The officer told him (in that unfriendly tone they must learn at the police academy) he was speeding and changing lanes without signaling.  I’ve never heard a longer, more profanity laced, English-to-Arabic-to-English rant than I heard while waiting for the officer to return with the bad news.

And bad news it was.  One ticket for speeding (73 in a 55), and another for his creative lane changing.  The officer also scolded him for the many tickets on his driving record.  I believe his exact words were, “You’re just not getting it out here, sir.”

So now I have an angry cabbie on my hands, whose mumbling must be preventing him from seeing the speedometer, it’s needle seems mysteriously stuck in the mid-70 range.  We get to the hotel without further incident, but he’s indignant when I don’t add a tip to the credit card voucher when I pay him.  He tells me they charge 10% extra for using a credit card.  The balls!

You want a tip?  Here’s a tip!  Take the rest of the night off, go home and rethink your driving skills.


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