May 7, 2007

Monckton, Gore debate

Posted in fighting, global warming, politics at 8:01 pm by weiszguy

Look what I ran into today:

This guy, Lord Monckton, has challenged Al Gore to a debate on global warming.  The wording of the challenge is too irresistible not to quote in full:

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley presents his compliments to Vice-President Albert Gore and by these presents challenges the said former Vice-President to a head-to-head, internationally-televised debate upon the question “That our effect on climate is not dangerous,” to be held in the Library of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History at a date of the Vice-President’s choosing.

Forasmuch as it is His Lordship who now flings down the gauntlet to the Vice-President, it shall be the Vice-President’s prerogative and right to choose his weapons by specifying the form of the Great Debate. May the Truth win! Magna est veritas, et praevalet.

“these presents”!  “flings down the gauntlet”!  “choose his weapons”!  A Latin quote!  Could anything be more noble or regal?  This is a duel I would greatly like to see.  And as in duels of old, when one combatant emerged the victor, and the other combatant was reduced to a bloody lump, I would like to see this question resolved once and for all time.

What I do NOT want to see, however, is another one of those mind-numbing presidential debates.  You know, where each candidate gets up and says all the things guaranteed not to offend anyone, and thereby preventing anyone from forming any kind of opinion on the candidates.  A debate should tackle and attempt to resolve an issue, not be an extended, shared, stump speech.

Mr. Gore, be a gentleman and accept Lord Monckton’s challenge!  Pour all that you are into this debate, and don’t let the debate end until one of you, and one side of the debate, is dead.


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