April 10, 2007

The Way I See It

Posted in philosophy, Starbucks, stupid quotes at 10:50 pm by weiszguy

As I was sucking down my afternoon latte today, I noticed a quote on the side of the cup. The Way I See It, #226:

How would you rather spend your time: by tirelessly working to curtail our freedoms, or by joyfully celebrating our differences?

— Anthony Rapp — Actor best known for his role in Rent, and author of the memoir Without You.

Wait! Wait, let me try!

Would you rather pick rhubarb with your grandmother, or watch a movie about aliens? Would you rather study particle physics, or work out an arms treaty with foreign powers?

Nuts! Mine aren’t as good as Anthony’s! Anthony possesses the singular talent, so often lacking in mere mortals, of linking random and unconnected thoughts.

In all fairness, I suspect that what we have here is a textbook example of “quote taken out of context” syndrome. Anthony probably doesn’t mean to come across incoherent. But we can have much more fun if we assume he is a flaming liberal, incapable of distinguishing grossly differing concepts.

Is “tirelessly working to curtail our freedoms” really the opposite of “joyfully celebrating our differences”? Is curtailing freedom always bad? Is celebrating differences always good? Must the two be mutually exclusive? Supposing two things are different, why must we further suppose those things are also morally equal?



  1. dsubnet0 said,

    Would you rather let the planet overpopulate, straining all natural resources and lowering quality of life, or else provide food and clothing for the families of munitions factory workers?

  2. weiszguy said,

    Yup, that’s another great example!

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