March 23, 2007

my first published column

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My first newspaper column was published this week! How ’bout me? The paper is the Greenhorn Valley View, which you can find at You can’t actually see the column there because it is only available to subscribers (although, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you subscribed), so I’m printing the column here. Enjoy!

There are many reasons not to save money. Consider the seasons of your life:

20’s – Save? Now? Are you kidding? I just graduated and I’m getting married. I need to buy a house and start working my way up in the world. Then there’s the car payment and the student loans to pay off. And anyway, retirement is so far away…

30’s – I can’t start saving now. Our second child is one the way. My wife will be off work for a few years and I need to put an addition on the house. I’m trading up to the bigger car and I’m trying to make partner at work. I’ll start saving soon…

40’s – I know I need to start saving, but how can I do that with all the kid’s activities? My son made the varsity hockey team and is playing games around the state, and my daughter’s gymnastics team is in demand around the country. With all the traveling, there’s nothing left to save.

50’s – Have you seen what college costs these days? I can’t start saving now. In fact, I’m borrowing money so the kids can go to school. I can’t refuse the kids their educations, can I? I’ll start saving a whole lot real soon…

60’s – I can’t start saving now. With only a few years left until retirement, there isn’t time enough to put away what I’ll need for the future. I guess I’ll have to keep working forever.

70’s – I can’t start saving now. My health has gone downhill so fast I can’t work anymore, so I’m living on Social Security and staying with my daughter. I sure wish I’d started putting money away earlier…

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Consider again the seasons of your life:

20’s – I know I need to save. Even though my bills are high right now, I think I’ll just put away a little out of each paycheck.

30’s – That saving habit I started right out of college is really paying off! I haven’t noticed the little bit that’s missing from my paychecks at all! In fact, I’m bumping up my savings amount! I sure hope I can keep this up.

40’s – My savings is snowballing fast! The interest my money is making is more than I’m putting in from my paychecks! I wonder what would happen if I started saving a little more?

50’s – My investments have done so well that I retired this year! But I’m not just sitting in my rocking chair, I’m teaching some classes at the community college and volunteering for charity work overseas.

60’s – I get such a kick out of traveling with the grandkids! I get to watch them in hockey and gymnastics, and I’ve put away some money for their educations.

70’s – Traveling is getting harder these days. But we’ve built a house on the ocean and I love sitting on the porch and watching the sunset. I sure am glad we had the foresight to start saving early!

I’ve seen people at every stage; none of these examples are made up. Although the choice to save isn’t easy, we’ll be better off if we can force ourselves to do it.


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  1. Rob Bennett said,

    Congratulations on the column. The most compelling line to me was the one that goes: “None of these examples are made up.”

    Humans are rationalizers. Those who are motivated to save find new ways to do so everywhere they look. Those who are not find explanations of why they cannot save everywhere they look.

    The key to solving the saving problem is overcoming the motivation hurdle.


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