March 22, 2007

reading Matthew – and making it not boring

Posted in small groups at 2:17 am by weiszguy

In my men’s group, we’ve been reading the gospel of Matthew. The assignment is to read it twice every 2 weeks – and this is our third 2 weeks. It was getting a little tiresome, but this time through I’m doing something different. Previously, I was reading six chapters a day, every WEEKDAY. But now I’m reading four chapters a day, every DAY. This smaller chunk of reading takes a little less time to read, and it’s not the mental burden that six chapters is. The other thing I’m doing is taking notes on how many times a prophecy is fulfilled. It’s quite amazing – every so often Matthew (or Jesus, or John the Baptist) points out that what was happening at that moment was happening in direct fulfillment of a specific Old Testament prophecy. In the first twelve chapters eleven prophecies are fulfilled. I know there are others later in the book, but I’m waiting until I get to them to count them.


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