March 13, 2007

a stroll through a bookstore

Posted in stuff I think about at 7:11 pm by weiszguy

I went to a bookstore over lunch today and wandered around with pen and paper. I made a list of books that caught my eye for one reason or another. All of them sound like great books to read. Check ’em out:

Wicked, by Gregory Maguire
Ex Libris, by Anne Fadiman
Lord Foul’s Bane
, by Stephen R Donaldson
Book Lust, by Nancy Pearl
The Intellectual Devotional, by David S Kidder and Noah D Oppenheim
The Classical World, by Robin Lane Fox
Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
John Adams, by David McCullough
Generation Debt, by Anya Kamenetz
Why I Write, by George Orwell

Keep in mind, I haven’t read ANY of these books. I’m not saying they’re good books, I’m just saying I’d like to find out if they’re good. If you find any of them personally offending, it’s not my fault!

If you have read any of these and can give me a thumbs up or down, please let me know.

Points of clarification:

  1. I don’t make any money from Amazon. I just thought it would be easier to link to the books, than to try to describe books I haven’t even read.
  2. All of these books would make great gifts for your favorite blogger! :)


  1. Tim said,

    Yo, Great WeiszGuy… I don’t care about books you think might be good. I could walk through Borders and find a thousand titles that might be good.

    That being said, I trust your taste in good books and I will read the reviews of the books you chose and tell you which ones, if any, I will read.

    Let me get back to you.

  2. Stephanie said,

    I wouldn’t recommend Wicked.

  3. C Bryant said,

    Lord Foul’s Bane = Horrible!

    I have met some people who love that book and the rest of the series. After long consideration I have discovered that I don’t like those people very much. Don’t force me to change my high opinion of you.

    I enjoyed John Adams. McGullough always seem to write a good book.

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