March 6, 2007

newspaper column update

Posted in money, newspaper, opinion column at 7:01 pm by weiszguy

Looks like I’m in!  I just spoke with the editor of my hometown paper (whom, I might add, is strikingly handsome and an all around great guy).  We’re going to run a column at least every other week, and more often if I can keep up the grueling writing schedule.  Each column will focus on a different aspect of personal finances, e.g. saving, spending, debt, giving.

Here’s the best part.  He’s going to look for a sponsor for the column (said sponsor, I’m sure, will be remarkably intelligent and witty), so I’ll get a little dough for my efforts.  Not much, but hey, it’s beer pop money.

I’ll also be able to post the columns on this blog, so you all will be the lucky recipients of my wisdom without even having to buy a paper!


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