February 25, 2007

how much money would it take to change your life?

Posted in inheritance, lottery, money at 8:01 am by weiszguy

I was checking out blogs at random yesterday, when I ran across the British Bull Dog. He raises an interesting question.

Often we dream of winning a lottery or inheriting a gigantic pile of money. (Yes you do; admit it.) Most of us are so far from ever falling into a pile of money that daydreaming about it is a complete waste of time. But what if you didn’t dream about a pile of money? What if you dreamt, instead, of just enough money to change your life? Obviously, $1 won’t change your life, and $1 million is probably a daydream. So where is the line? What is the magic amount that, if it was given you, would have the power to change your life?

This type of thinking isn’t daydreaming. An amount that could change your life is probably attainable within your lifetime. And if that amount is attainable, maybe you’d start trying to attain it, instead of just dreaming about it?

I’d have to say the amount that would change my life would be the sum of all my debts. If I didn’t have any debt payments to make, I’d have an extra $2000 per month. And I can think of a whole lot of things I’d rather do with that money than service my debt. Support a missionary, for example, or take an annual vacation.


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